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What others say about Jan's Gym - Virginia Beach VA

Sylvia P.

Personal Trainer"Jan's Gym is more than a place to receive personal training. The philosophy and emphasis here are on building a base for muscular stability and functional maintenance as the individual ages. As a retired gerontologist, more than most, I am aware of the importance of functional maintenance. Research has shown that maintaining core strengths are necessary for agility and balance in older adults. Preventing muscle atrophy and osteoporosis are the basis of fall prevention and broken hips in humans, regardless of age.

Jan loves her work and it is evident by the sense of well being generated among us as she provides instructions. Whether it is a private session or working out with another, she provides one-on-one training. What has Jan done for me? I have osteoarthritis of the spine and a history of osteoporosis in the family. Thanks to Jan's guidance I am completely pain free and capable of lifting, bending and climbing without hindrance. My confidence in Jan is complete; I know that she will never ask me to do anything of which I'm not capable.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. During the subsequent surgery all of my lymph nodes were removed. Following surgery, I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of daily radiation. While this treatment caused pain, I was determined to continue aerobic and weight training during the entire procedure. I know this helped me recover faster; maintain muscle tone; and never experience lymphedema, (the dreaded side effect of lymph node removal). I always left Jan's with a sense of confidence that I would defeat this disease. I needed the exercise, but the love and support from Jan and the others with whom I worked made the difference from my being a whimpering cancer victim to a recovering, optimistic female.

Jan and her caring, motivational philosophy get all of the credit.
I am truly privileged and thankful to be one of her clients."

Alecia R.

Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Jin Shin Do Acupressurist,
Certified Myofascial Release Massage Therapist

"From the moment that I walked into Jan's Gym it was clear to me that Jan Trombly represented a remarkable combination of focused enthusiasm coupled WITH a genuine interest in the success and well-being of her clients.

Jan's knowledge of the body systems and function are evident as she encourages her clientele to achieve optimum performance, according to their individual needs and goals.

If it is true that the personality and philosophy of the business are reflected in the patrons, Jan's devoted clients are truly a reflection of her positive, enthusiastic attitude and dedication to their comprehensive health in all aspects of their lives - even beyond the noticeable physical results."
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Personal Trainer Virginia Beach VA

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If you are looking for an environment with state of the art equipment, trainers that specialize in medical rehabilitation (hip, knee, back, post-physical therapy), or need a personalized training program to increase your total body fitness, then look no further. Jan's Gym offers a variety of exercise and fitness equipment to allow for maximum benefit, along with trainers that are dedicated to providing a total body fitness experience.

Jan's Gym & Fitness  
Jan;s Gym Virginia Beach VA
2865 C1 Lynnhaven Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451